IceWind Dale II vs Baldur's Gate II e NWN 1

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Re: IceWind Dale II vs Baldur's Gate II e NWN 1

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Eu nunca vou jogar pool of radiance.

Caraio é tão ruim assim?
Pensei que só eu tinha ódio mortal de certos jogos: KH / FFs atuais
Eu baixei ele por recomendação e tava la na sorcerus plane creio.

È tão ruim quanto os clones (Sacreds) ou o próprio diabro?

VI um video do jogo...
O jogo é bem travado, tem uma boa movimentação dos personagens, porém o cenário é um 2D toscão, a camera é isometrica, mas o jogo não sei por que me lembrou um jogo ruuuuuuuim bagaraio, não sei por que : LORDS OF MAGIC - Era continuação do Lords of Realm 2 acho...mas sei la pq..odiei o jogo, tipo um heroes of might and magic (que já é meio coco) piorado ao extremo.

Dei uma bizoiada na Game Faqs:
Reader Review Average GameFAQs Rating Average GameRankings Average
5.8 5.9 6.0

É...maravilhoso...Olha os nomes das revirews:
All the right ingredients, but the soup stinks. 6/10
The potential will blind you, but behind the mask... 5/10
A return to the Age of Classic rpgs. . . 8/10
Give it a try. You might be surprised. 8/10
The Pool of Radiance isn't as pure as it was before. 6/10
This resurrection of the Gold Box AD&D series of games deserves praise. 8/10
While it has an interesting story, Ruins of Myth Drannor is a mess of a game. 3/10
The most expensive commercial virus out there! 1/10
Ultimately, this game is just boring. 4/10
Don't expect this game to be something it isn't. 6/10
Less fun than diving, naked, into a pool of rusty nails 3/10
Seriously Looking at a Serious Game 8/10
When you want something done right - do it yourself. 9/10



No, we're talking such things as losing save games, losing data files, and, worst of all, possibly even wiping out your Windows itself! Yes, the uninstall program can, if you've installed the game anywhere other than the default directory, eradicate your Windows directory! As the title says, this is the most expensive virus you can pick up from Babbages.

If you're able to get the game running, you'll discover that Pools of Radiance is a mediocre game. The story is dull. The pacing is slow. In lieu of a decent artificial intelligence, the game engine actually cheats for the monsters and NPCs that you'll encounter. Game design wasn't very high on the priorities list of the designers either.

Boo and Minsc stands Ready.